How does it work?

Have you ever wondered how your generator works automatically? Watch this video for further information.,AAAAACq2RTA~,a-RjnXpIOsHnyHV036OXwwhWFPd0c2SE&bctid=3663149008001

Emergency Stop Button Regulations

Many life care facilities have been written corrections for not having the proper Emergency Stop button installed for their emergency stand-by generator. We have been supplying these to customers state wide in order to bring them back into compliance. NFPA 110:* All installations shall have a remote manual stop station of a type toContinued

New Synergy Generac!

Some new great options at Generac! Contact Legacy as your local Generac dealer for more information and installation quotations. Do you live in an area that has generator noise regulation? If so, the Generac Synergy is a great option for you. It produces clean, quality power at less than 1.5% total harmonic distortion.