Monthly Monday

Our safety meeting was highlighted with homemade cinnamon rolls by one of our employees spouses. Have we mentioned that safety and cinnamon rolls make the best start to any week? Happy Monday everyone!

Here we grow again!

Legacy Telecommunications, Inc. is expanding and has formally announced the addition of a Montana location to accommodate the firm’s growth and expansion plans. The new 7800 square foot facility is located on a three-acre industrial parcel in Three Forks, MT. This will provide increased capacity for existing customer logistical support and services throughout the northernContinued

Prime Power Generators Serve Public Safety

Legacy’s Power Staff worked hand in hand or hand in glove with the Legacy Remote Services team to install 2 prime power generators in a public safety shelter. While the snow rover trip is long and the conditions were pretty harsh, the view was fantastic, the company great and the public served. Even when you are on America’s most remoteContinued

Uhrich Teams with Legacy

(Burley, WA) – Matt Uhrich has joined Legacy as the Corporate Compliance & Safety Director for the wireless infrastructure, RF solutions, standby power and remote services firm. He anticipates a role volunteering in the NWSA to help create the nationally recognized climber credentials.   Mr. Uhrich has previously served as the Training & Safety SupervisorContinued

How does it work?

Have you ever wondered how your generator works automatically? Watch this video for further information.,AAAAACq2RTA~,a-RjnXpIOsHnyHV036OXwwhWFPd0c2SE&bctid=3663149008001

Emergency Stop Button Regulations

Many life care facilities have been written corrections for not having the proper Emergency Stop button installed for their emergency stand-by generator. We have been supplying these to customers state wide in order to bring them back into compliance. NFPA 110:* All installations shall have a remote manual stop station of a type toContinued